We are a machining and fabrication shop with 40 years’ experience in the industry. A wide variety of materials are used; carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, polymers, etc… 

Small or Large Production Runs - Fabrications of all Sizes - Assemblies

We take pride in our relationships with our customers and always make every effort to meet or exceed their needs. Over our many years we have developed and maintained a large network of vendors with a variety of specialized materials and services.  This has enhanced our ability to meet the demands of our customers; from lead time to cost effectiveness.  We look forward to supplying all your machining and fabrication needs!

“Some of the Industry served”
Lead Acid Battery – Polymer 
 Pharmaceutical – Paper – Food – Granite 
Industrial Mixers 

          Mills                                                                      Lathes
                        Talon Vertical CNC Mill 12 x 12 x 40                      Jet 8 x 32
                         Mattsuuri Vertical CNC Mill 20 x 20 x 40          Hendy 16 x 30
                         Bridgeport Manual Mill 6 x 20 x 48             Birmingham 20 x 80
                         Horizontal Manual Mill 10 x 10 x 36       (In gap 25” swing)

          Welding           Miscellaneous
                  Miller 250  M.I.G Horizontal Saw (9” thick x 15” wide cut)
Miller 450  M.I.G  Radial Arm Drill 8-1/4” Column
Aluminum M.I.G  Spool  Press Break 150 Ton x 12 ‘ 
Lincoln 185  T.I.G                            Iron Worker 40 Ton

Tri-County Machine & Fabrication, LLC